About Us

The Core Technologies is a company specializing in the challenges of Information Technology. It offers services, solutions and products covering a wide list of market needs, always ensuring high added value to its customers.

By providing software, hardware and services, the Core Technologies contributes to the improvement of the business of its customers and this philosophy guides all projects developed by the company.

Its mission is grounded in ensuring customers high utilization of IT resources. To achieve this goal, customers of Core Technologies are supported infrastructure and high standard. With the strategic use of IT, companies can optimize costs by maximizing resources, generating efficiency in everyday life.

The Core has extensive expertise in implementation of Data Center Infrastructure Solutions and SAP environment, in addition to collecting cases Consolidation, Virtualization, Data storage, among others.


Established in 2005 The Core Technologies chose São Paulo as the host. Staffed by professionals who are not only updated on what's happening in the technology world, but aware of what happens in the business world.

In the history of the company, customers from various economic sectors benefited with products, services and solutions Core, industry groups such as aviation, banking, energy, telecommunications, automotive, among others.

Thanks to investment in improvement, after completing two years of existence, the Core Technologies achieved the highest level of partnership with IBM - Premier Business Partner, to achieve this level of partner you need a combination of certifications, solutions, and achieving high yields customer satisfaction, criteria that the company constantly seeks.

Our team

company is made of people. And in the case of Core Technologies, human resources are among its major differentiators. Thanks to the enhanced training schedule, the company maintains a staff attentive to market changes, allowing greater maturity corporate face of possible twists in the IT industry. His collaborators have technical training aligned with general knowledge, fostering multidisciplinary analyzes on each of its projects.

The knowledge of its professionals is certified by the manufacturers, and the experience gained through years of experience in the market.

Besides the team fixed the company, there is an extensive network of external collaborators that remain on standby to add expertise to the work of the Core.