Atenta às mudanças do mercado de Tecnologia da Informação, a Core Technologies
preparou um portfólio de serviços para atender os mais diversos desafios de seus

AIX Environment

O sistema AIX é executado em computadores IBM de médio porte e a Core pode, graças a uma análise estratégica, garantir infraestrutura dinâmica e elevar a eficiência de seu uso.

The Core Technologies, IBM Premier Partner, has experience in implementing AIX environments of small, medium and especially large. During all these years, Core has accumulated cases of successes in such projects and ensuring customer satisfaction more demanding, which is to be expected when dealing with customers who have such needs.

Our staff is highly trained and skilled not only in this tool and its peculiarities, but also to understand the business that supports this type of solution and how critical it is for the company. Thus, we can quickly integrate with the client's team, understanding the characteristics and importance of the business.

The services of Core Technologies has as main feature the ongoing environment analysis seeking to optimize resources to ensure increased efficiency, reduced costs and improved operational control.


Para garantir o fluxo desejado de informações dentro de uma empresa, a Core Technologies realiza o serviço de Integração de equipamentos e softwares, observando todas as exigências destes componentes.

With the aim of optimizing the use of their equipment and software, companies need to ensure that all components are installed in perfect harmony and in accordance with all prerequisites required by manufacturers.

Therefore, Core Technologies offers service integration, which includes a list of activities, such as equipment installation, correct energizing of equipment, installation of firmware necessary facilities for additional components such as memories, processors, boards and so on. All with guarantee of the knowledge acquired by the company in a number of projects already implemented.

Capacity Planning

Um bom planejamento da evolução de TI, também chamado de Capacity Planning, pode aumentar o potencial produtivo de uma empresa e permite focar em outros desafios.

The Core Technologies conducts a thorough study on the growth potential of the resources of the infrastructure, not only analyzed the potential of virtualization processes, but we conducted a Master Plan with the possible stages of evolution of the technology sector.

This study of the expansion of IT itself accompanies the growth plan of the customer, enabling the technological infrastructure is prepared for the expansion of business and are addressed in planning.


Hardwares e storages quase sempre estão expostos a riscos, o que pode causar danos aos dados corporativos. É possível realizar um monitoramento objetivo para evitar perdas e planejar a ampliação do departamento de TI.

The Core Technologies is prepared to carry out the monitoring of servers and storage and its main components such as CPU, memory, disks, adapters, controllers, etc.. To perform this service, it uses monitoring tools that collect data on different platforms from a single base and a consistent architecture.

The goal is to minimize the maximum occurrence of incidents and problems, allowing companies to have more security processes, high performance and availability of information and services, always using the best practices for operations and management of technology area.

IT Management Consulting

O futuro de TI está diretamente ao futuro da própria empresa. Ao realizar Consultoria em Gestão de TI, a Core Technologies disponibiliza toda sua expertise e equipes multidisciplinares.
This advisory is outsourcing the management of the IT environment for small and medium businesses. With this, clients of Core Technologies are taking significant benefits in cost savings and increased efficiency of investments in this department. This is why the Core Technologies accumulates experience in applying best practices for IT management by bringing benefits to business quickly.

Architectural Design Solution

Inteligência, conhecimento e experiência são as principais ferramentas utilizada pela Core Technologies ao criar um Projeto de Arquitetura de Solução. Com esta iniciativa, as empresas otimizam seu Ambiente de TI.

It is very common for companies to encounter a barrier at the time to put into practice its expansion project:

Which technologies we use?
- What are the growth margins that we should calculate without taxing the project cost?
- It is a consolidated solution or maturing?
- And a series of other questions

The Core Technologies through their professional experience, follows the development of the architecture of the projects and answer all these questions, giving allowance necessary for the customer make the right decision of adequate investment to meet the exact needs of your business.

Core Infrastructure

O leque de produtos que podem ser utilizados em uma arquitetura de TI é quase infinito. Pensando nisso, a Core Technologies oferece ao mercado o serviço de Infraestrutura básica, que inclui instalação dos componentes realmente importantes, como Data Center e outros.

With virtualization of processes and services, the corporate environment requires installation of the physical components of various types, sizes and functions. The Core Technologies is prepared to advise on the best solutions that meet market needs.

This service Infrastructure, is performed not only the study of the needs, but also made the installation of equipment ranging from Data Center Networks Wireless Lan UPT and cabling to fiber optics. Customers rely on safety and agility in the process, achieved thanks to the knowledge and experience gained in years of operation.