The challenges faced by the IT department of the companies may become into business opportunities if the proper solutions are implanted and correctly managed.

High Availability

Aware of the fact that software may be damaged and the electrical energy supply is not always stable, Core Technologies may implant a system of High Availability, which is resistant and keep the services longer available.

The quick access to objective and accurate information is one of the great advantages of companies in the XXI century. It is essential to gain access to data needed for 24 hours per day, in a way that is both simple and ensures data security. To make this connection between user / developer and information, Core Technologies offers High Availability solutions.

These solutions implement tolerance to possible faults of software hardware and other components, which ensures the continued operation of services. To achieve this goal, the Core utilizes advanced formulas and mechanisms that reduce downtime of information and services. With this option, companies enhance their earnings to preserve the availability of its services and processes.

Data Copy

The Database Replication is one of the warranties to the corporative information flow be done in an efficient and safe way.

The importance of data in the corporate world is such that we can say that they represent for enterprises what oxygen is to the human body. Thus, it is imperative that this information has facilitated transit for routine work environment to work properly.

The Core Technologies acquired expertise in deploying the solution of Data Cody, and to achieve this goal, the company uses modern tools to migrate data between different databases and platforms. Regardless of the complexity and amount of data you can copy them through new and advanced technologies recommended by the Core.

Storage and Backup

Ensure that the corporative data has proper Storage and Backups is in the schedule of nearly all the IT departments around the world. Core Technologies can help.

The filing of strategic enterprises is a major challenge for IT staff. This process needs to ensure confidentiality of information, data accessibility and convenience for those who want to retrieve some information.

The Core Technologies offers practical solutions to the market that ensure proper storage and retrieval of data for companies using an infrastructure tailored according to specific needs, and can also be allocated in a data center or located in a foreign environment. Thus, this information is stored securely, but always available for customer use.

Unified Communication (UC)

The distant communication is more effective and with higher quality when the company adopts the Unified Communication (UC), ensuring efficiency and resources optimization.

The communication between different bases of the same company can be optimized with the telepresence system Unified Communication (UC). Developed with Cisco technology, this system stands out in the market by its practicality and the financial viability of their deployment.

The Unified Communication allows embed video calls and the use of wireless devices. The Core Technologies performs throughout the deployment and installation of the equipment and enables users to this technology that facilitates the exchange of information without sight distance as a barrier.

Disaster Recovery

The Disaster Recovery is one of the current warranties for the companies against eventual damage occurred in its structure. Important data, therefore, are preserved.

The IT market worldwide is increasingly aware of the advantages of Disaster Recovery. This solution is, in many cases, the difference in time to revitalize a large company after a serious incident. Linked to information architecture, Disaster Recovery is more than the protection of hardware, software and services, it is the intelligence and strategy at the same time. For its implementation, the Core Technologies is based in multidisciplinary studies that provide security for the decision to install new components will be the company's infrastructure.

The implementation of this solution involves a series of questions and answers, such as the availability of information and services that will be added to this new reality of the company. Among the activities is the creation of the Disaster Recovery Plan, which provides for the continuity of services and information through access to key documents.


The data migration for a virtual server, process also called Virtualization, puts the company in a new IT baseline, in which the structure is highly optimized and the services are each time more customizable.

With the aim of optimizing the use of their infrastructure and reduce costs, IT executives can implement virtualization of its servers. Companies that opt ​​for this solution are one step ahead of the market. In addition to anticipating a global trend, they can consolidate their operations and share processes with their employees even though they are far from the base of operation of the company. Server virtualization allows you to create a network without requiring a large physical media.

The Core Technologies has expertise to deploy virtualization solutions, and can customize them according to the performance of its clients. The installation includes safety, training and fitness that are necessary.